Moran Fealth

Cleric of Mangrilar

STR: 64 BP: 32 Rank: 1
DEX: 65 INIT: 2 Primary: Cleric
LOG: 43 DR: 6 Secondary: Warrior
WIL: 64 MOV: 8 Descriptors: Commanding presence, Slow to yield, warmhearted
Skills Equipment
Cleric(1) 62% Ringmail
Scout(0) 22% Riding Horse (Startrot)
Thief(0) 33% Survival Pack
Warrior(0) M:42%, R:43% Holy Water
Spell Range Usage Duration Resist Effect
Repel 5 sp/lvl 1 per encounter encounter none Drive back 1D+level evil creatures whose rank is <= Cleric level


  • Warhammer – 62%, damage 2D+4, 1 hand, Favoured Weapon
  • Unarmed – 52%, damage 1D/2+1

Notes: +10 to resistance checks, speaks anglish and tradespeak


Moran was trained from the age of 6 to be a holy warrior of Mangrilar. He upholds all the tenants of his faith with great pride and refuses to be swayed from the path of justice.

Moran was tasked with the safety of young Marathen Moonhand through a vow to Marathen’s mother. He now travels with Marathen, the elven sorcerer Amrahil, the elven enchanter Cyllia, and Alice Ash – cleric of Beorth.

Moran Fealth

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