The Path to Chaos

The Adventure Begins...

Moran, Marathen, Amrahil and Cyllia were travelling from Port Korban to Quinstown, in search of anyone who knows the location of Marathen’s father.

Stopping near the forest Theoren, at the small village of Moordoth, they restocked their supplies and headed to the lone inn, The Smiling Crow. As the waitress served their first drinks, a vision of six maidens appeared above the table of the village elder Elwin.

The clerics were quick to respond. As Moran tried to repel the specters, the maidens spoke “The hills stir, Moordoth, and soon you will feel the wrath of its denizens!”. Amrahil yelled _"Begone!", as the maidens faded from view.

Cillia moved to help Elwin to his feet, and the Moran questioned who were those maidens?

The waitress explained that there had been previous sighting… the miller’s son, saw their image in the pond, Mrs. Huthberth saw them in her mirror, but this was the most terrifying manifestation of all.


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