The Path to Chaos

Attack of the Ghouls
The characters see their first combat

The characters head into the hills with a light spell and a torch.
Weather gets gloomy.
1 hour in, dog starts barking, come upon 5 ghouls attacking a traveler.
One killed by Alice at range
Cautiously approach but Moran rushes in and in quickly beseech-ed by three ghouls (paralyzed)
Marathen rushes in an is also paralyzed.
In next two rounds all are dead.

Later, horses stampede toward team. Moran is occupied trying to keep Marathen from harm and gets knocked prone for 16 BP, his horse takes only a few points but stampedes off with the rest.

They argue about splitting up with Moran and Cyllia head off to find the horse.

Get the horse, Alice wants to camp til morning, but Moran and Amrahil go to the next rise and see movement on Maiden Rest Hill and hear faint howling.

Get the others, Alice stays behind, see the maidens and the opening into the wall. Begin to enter the opening.

Enter Alice...
Another player is introduced.

Watching from a back table, Alice Ash, ranger and cleric of Beorth made note of the characters. Once they began to interact with Elwin, she spoke up, and soon was drawn into the mystery.

Cyllia stepped outside for a moment, and, selecting a small smooth stone, she enchanted it with a rune that would cast an illusion of bright light if the source of the maiden’s power was detected.

The newly formed party met with Elwin in the town hall, and he explained that there was more to the specters of the maidens than the rest of the town knew. Two days prior, a ghoul had attacked a calf at a farm on the outskirts of town to the west. The farmer had alerted the militia, and it had taken all four men on duty to defeat the ghoul.

Marathen was suspicious of Elwin and felt that he was withholding something. But the party set out to investigate anyway. Not knowing any storytellers in the town who could perhaps give them some insight into how the maidens related to the town’s history, they instead went to investigate the various locations the maidens had been seen (down at the pond, in the Huthberth family’s mirror) and the farm where the ghoul had attacked.

The sun was just setting when they reached the farm, and Alice took this as a positive sign from Beorth. It turned out that the militia had burned the ghoul’s body as well as that of the calf, and buried them at the back of the farm. The farmer described the ghoul’s appearance… humanoid, with tattered clothes, hairless with smooth skin, blotchy, dry and taut.

Although the night was growing dark, the urgency of the maiden’s message weighed heavy on them. They decided they would embark for the hills that night.

The Adventure Begins...

Moran, Marathen, Amrahil and Cyllia were travelling from Port Korban to Quinstown, in search of anyone who knows the location of Marathen’s father.

Stopping near the forest Theoren, at the small village of Moordoth, they restocked their supplies and headed to the lone inn, The Smiling Crow. As the waitress served their first drinks, a vision of six maidens appeared above the table of the village elder Elwin.

The clerics were quick to respond. As Moran tried to repel the specters, the maidens spoke “The hills stir, Moordoth, and soon you will feel the wrath of its denizens!”. Amrahil yelled _"Begone!", as the maidens faded from view.

Cillia moved to help Elwin to his feet, and the Moran questioned who were those maidens?

The waitress explained that there had been previous sighting… the miller’s son, saw their image in the pond, Mrs. Huthberth saw them in her mirror, but this was the most terrifying manifestation of all.


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