The Background

Welcome to our fantasy campaign in the Keranak Kingdoms setting for Barebones Fantasy by DwD Studios .

I picked up Barebones Fantasy on March 2, 2013 after reading a post by Michael Hansen on Google+. I bought it as a belated birthday present to myself. Within a couple hours I had read the system, within a couple days I had all three of my sons ready to play, and within a week I had a campaign going that also included my daughter, who hadn’t roleplayed in years.

We started off with the free adventure Maidens of Moordoth that comes with the core rules. As soon as the characters were made and the players started describing backgrounds and making connections, story ideas started coming to me. So I decided to get the game up on Obsidian Portal.

The Campaign

So far, we haven’t developed the campaign framework very far, but as the title suggests, things are not going to be stable for long.

The party comprises of a leader/thief Marathen Moonhand, who is the bastard son of the legendary wizard, Tamril Wizenford. He grew up with his mother, Juelie, in Port Korban and learned the art of thievery in an effort to improve their meager lives. He has a burning desire to find his father.

When a young elven spellcaster/fighter Amrahil and his distant cousin Cyllia, the Enchanter, tracked down Marathen, it quickly became apparent that he was not the only one in search of the wizard. The two of them decided to head to Quinstown, where Tamril had been living when he met Marathen’s mother.

Juelie asked her friend, the cleric Moran Fealth, to travel with Marathen and keep an eye on him, and the four set off for Quinstown.

The Path to Chaos

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